wild rose equestrian center

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Thank You!

We're dedicating this page as a bragging rights page for our dedicated students and volunteers!

In our first order of business we'd like to give a special thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers and staff we had come out to help us with our Labor Day Clean Up! (September 5th 2011)

Lisa & Sierra Voshell ** Amy Preen ** Sally Cline ** Ada Fast ** Gabbie Collins ** Gabrielle Fortner ** Kurtlyn Creamer ** Ella & Sofia Nordyke ** Cullen & Eliza Green ** Don & Alexis McClure ** Shannon, Sam & Elizabeth Viau ** Blake McGonigle ** Henry Doom ** Antonio Reaves ** Francis Elizabeth & Family

Tom, Karen, Kayla & Jordan Brown ** Hannah Mosely ** Wendy Hanowalt ** Sarah Simounet ** Amanda Miller ** John McNeeley ** John Vessels **

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