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Mrs. Karen & Miss Jordan on training horses !

Amy Preen & Sally!

Recapping what they learned!!! Academy '14

 Our Equine Limousine

Students Mask during Mask Week- Academy '14

Mask Week- Academy '14

Mask Week- Academy '14

Mask Week- Academy '14

Mask Week- Academy '14

Camping Week- Academy '14

Shaving Cream Fight- Academy '14

Shaving Cream Fight- Academy '14

Roman Day- Academy '14

Tex, Driving Week- Academy '14

Driving Week- Academy '14

All Aboard the 'Pony Express'!

Baby Ducks in the Creek! 

Look at that Awesome Birthday cake! mmmmm! 

Adult overnight ride! 

Millie & Tillie- Best friends!  


Remi & Miss. Jordan

Dixie & Lilly taking a nap!

Tex and Mrs.Karen at the military ball! 

Miss.Kayla Being Brave! 


Hay Season!

Shrek rolling around!

Frolicking around in the Pasture!

Academy '14- Dental Class

Boots, Boots and more Boots!

Beginners Camp- Tandem

Camp Tessa

Look at that View!

Working Away!!

Academy '13- Overnight Camp

Academy '13- Overnight Camp

Academy '13- Overnight Camp

Academy '13- Human Knot

Beginners Camp '14- Caterpillar Race

Beginners Camp '13- Blind Driver

Academy- Polo Wraps 


Campers ready to hit the Pool.



Students meeting a foal for the first time.


Painting T-shirts at camp.


Ice Storm of 2009


Solid Sheet of Ice

Filling 55 gal Drums with water from the Creek

Using a 2" pump we were able to pump water and deliver it by truck to all the horses. Imagine carrying water for over 100 head........
What a job. We were out of power for 14 days straight. That means everything was frozen. Thankfully we had the creek!

Kayla and her trusty dog Lilly, hauling water during Ice Storm.

Miss Amanda

Mrs. Karen :)

Mr. Tom was 'supposedly' working! haha

Shavin cream fight!!!!!

Lucy and Tony- arena kitties 


Kayla and Jordan

Learning Parts of the Horse durring Academy!

Mrs. Karen and her horse Jabez

Kayla, Mrs.Karen, And Jordan at the Christmas Party

Kensley enjoying a nice snow ride on her boy.

Jordan and Calypso

Kayla and Sunny

Lilly and Dixie- farm dogs

Y-E-E-H-A-W!!!!  :-)

Part of the Cross-Country Jump Course

Summer Camp Lunch Break!

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